Halloween is upon us and trick or treating will be observed on October 30, 2015 from 6-8 PM.  Festivities downtown Claxton will be in full force and many churches in the area will be having festivals that evening and other nights during the month.  Safety is always our number one concern during this season and by observing just a few simple tips, you can help us make this halloween a safe and happy one.

  1. Costumes need to be “visible”.  While a zombie wearing a blinking light might not be very sneaky, he will be seen by the traffic and avoid being hit.  If a costume is too dark, add some reflective tape or glo-sticks.
  2. Groups are best.  The lone ranger even had a companion.  Walking alone during trick or treat isn’t very safe so bring a friend or two and make sure everyone sticks together.  There is some security in numbers.
  3. Phones alone.  Believe it or not, walking while looking at a mobile device is dangerous.  A road or lawn hazard, a hole or even a car can be avoided if the phones stay in the pocket.
  4. Lights on only.  When homes do not have any front lights shining, expect that the person or people are not accepting trick or treaters.  Respecting this is a good rule.  Another point, if you ring the bell and no one comes, just move to the next house.  Continually ringing a bell could be disturbing someone who is ill or immobile.
  5. Stay on the main way.  In other words, don’t cut through yards or back allies.  Doing so can put you at risk of being considered a burglar or menace…  stay on the main roads with the other groups.
  6. In the country, keep it bright.  Keep a flashlight with you at all times and if possible, drive instead of walk.
  7. Check the booty. Be sure an adult looks over the treats.  Any open items or sliced fruit etc must be avoided and discarded.  Anything that looks suspicious, just toss it, don’t eat it.
  8. Report it.  If you see something that is out of the ordinary, call the sheriff’s office or police department.  If it is an emergency, call 911 immediately.

Working together, this halloween will only have scary characters, not consequences.