Fake Money

In The Claxton Enterprise today it was reported that Evans County Sheriff’s office is investing several counterfeit $20 bills that have been circulated among some local businesses in the past few weeks.  About four stores have been given this fake money in the current total of $300.  Investigator DeLoach reports that mostly convenience stores and retail establishments have been the victims of this fraudulent money. If anyone has any information on these bills, please contact the office at 912-739-1611 24 hours a day.

Sheriff’s Office Calls and Reports

  • Nov 17 – A caller on WE Callaway Rd. stated that her neighbor’s dog comes over to her house and runs and barks at dogs she keeps in kennels.  She stated that she did not mind the dog coming to her house, but she tries to keep the dog out of the road to prevent him from being run over.  When she walked to the neighbors house to tell them about the dog, they started throwing objects at the dog, yelling and cursing. They told their child to go inside the house and get the gun and shoot the dog.
  • Nov 19 – A caller on hwy 169 N reported that her utility trailer had been taken from her residence.
  • Nov 21 – A caller on hwy 169 reported that she had been harassed for three months.  She was receiving texts and calls on her cell phone. She blockec the number and changed her phone number three times.  The individual has also been to her place of employment and has sent other people into her work place to threaten her. She has since quit her job.
  • Nov 22 – A caller on Hendrix Bridge Rd. reported that a dog was on his carport and would not let him come out of his house.


  • Nov 17 – Marlin Elearas Mikell, 25, 607 N Duval St., Apt 6, Claxton, being held for DOC.
  • William Lee Kearney, 44, 131 DeLoach Mill Rd., Claxton, charged with two counts of burglary.
  • Nov 18 – Johnny Shad Griffin, 39, 240 Hillside Dr., Lot #240, Claxton, charged with probation violation.
  • Curtis Clyde Skinner, 29, 176 Rogers Bridge Rd., Claxton, charged with child support violation.
  • James Kendall Kight, 48, 879 John W. Tippins Rd., Claxton, charged with child support  violation.
  • Nov 19 – Cynthia Hewitt, 3, 910 Turnpike Rd., Lot 9, Hagan, charged with simple battery, (fight.)
  • Nov 20 – Newton Maurice Vann, 43, 301 N. Claxton Inn 213, Claxton, charged with parole violation.
  • Nov 22 – Tomorra Tashen Hawk, 36, Northside Inn, Claxton charged with simple battery (fight).