• Feb 16 – It was reported that a black male with a white cap was in the road flagging people down on Jennie Station. The subject was taken to relatives.
  • Feb 17 – A resident of Ruffin Rd reported damage to her mailbox.
  • A caller on Why 280 W reported goats in the yard. They are afraid the goats are to run out in the roadway.
  • A caller on Church/Boggs street reported that a black male snatched her money from her hand and ran into the woods.
  • Feb 18 – A caller on BE Smith Rd reported her wedding ring and class ring missing.
  • A caller reported a child left in the car in a carseat while the mother was shopping at Family Dollar. Negative contact was made with the subject.
  • A caller on Firetower Rd. reported that her brother stole her jewelry and gave it to a girl. The girl was on Facebook saying she had the items, but will not return them.
  • Someone reported a possible DUI subject all over the road on S Perkins Mill Rd. The subject hit a house and kept driving.
  • Feb 19 – A caller on Carters Bridge Rd reported that a male and two females were at this residence fighting and he needed a deputy.
  • Resident of New Drive reported that he lost his brown wallet, license and $300 cash.
  • A caller on Old Savannah Hwy stated that he and his wife had allowed a woman to spend the night on their couch and she took $120 from this wife’s purse and went to the neighbor’s house.
  • It was reported that an individual was considered fro employment at Bethany Hospice. Due to unacceptable background screening she was not eligible for completion of the orientation that is required. She was issued a pulse box, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, box of medical supplies and a nursing bag. She has ben asked several times to return the supplies and she refuses. The individual has threatened an employee at the business and sent threatening texts.
  • A caller on Red Mill Rd reported that someone’s dogs killed her dog in her yard.
  • Feb 21- A caller on Why 301 S reported an intoxicated female on his front porch and he things she is bogged down.


  • Jan 23 – Devin Jase Dyess, 4665 Hwy 280 West, Hagan, 30 years old, arrested for expired tag, possession of drug related objects and possession of marijuana. (late posing due to ongoing investigation)
  • Feb 17 – Johnnie Lee Brown, 34, 210 Lakeview Dr. Baxley, charged with cruelty to animals, possession of marijuana, possession of drug related objects, two counts of possession of firearm by convicted felon and possession of cocaine.
  • Feb 18 – Dustin Allen Macaulay, 25, 6482 Aruba Rd., Claxton, charged with giving false information to officers, expired license.
  • Feb 19 – Ricky Dukes, 33, 9392 Hwy 144 Glennville, charged with DUI Alcohol, failure to maintain lane, open container violation and violation of limited permit.
  • Michael Chambers, 30 1245 Cater’s Bridge Rd., Claxton, charge with simple battery fight and criminal trespass.
  • Julio Moralse-Silva, 32, 1113 Hillside Rd., Claxton charged with no insurance, speeding and driving without license.
  • Chavez Brown, 24, 9702 Why 169, Bellvile, charged with possession of marijuana, window glazing violation, DUI drugs, speeding and sus/rev license.
  • Feb 20 – Taneisha Griggs, 30, 121 Ponderosa Rd. Hagan, charged with obstruction of officers and disorderly conduct.
  • Feb 21 – Keri Dee Dollar, 37, 117 Croley Rd., Brainbrdige, charged with DUI alcholo.

Incidents and Calls

Dec 8 – A complainant on Firetower Rd reported that a subject stole $140 and $2,000 worth of tools from his home.

A caller on Bowen Rd/Tellie Akins Rd reported that two guys and two females were standing on the side of the road trying to flag people down. They were advised that if they were caught on the roadway again that they would be arrested.

Dec 9 – A caller on Lightsey Drive reported that someone has taken her and her mother’s xanex from inside their residence.

A caller on Mitchell Lane reported that he had hit a horse with his vehicle.

Dec 10 – A caller on Littles St reported that someone was calling his phone, coming to his house and looking in the windows. They wanted him to endorse and insurance check and he stated he would not sign the check.

Dec 11 – A caller on Cemetery Rd. reported that her son is drunk and she wants him out of her house.

A caller on Lindsey Dr. reported that his father-in-law is texting threatening messages.

Dec 12 – A caller on John Todd Rd, reported that her daughter and her daughter’s friend were on her land and she wants them to leave.

Dec 13 – A caller on Tattnall Street reported that someone individuals stole her necklace and earrings out of her residence. The subjects had borrowed her car about 30 mins prior and asked to go to the bank.

Dec 14 – A caller on Sugar Baby Farm Rd reported someone jumped on her and choked her.


Dec 10 – Bernard Shuman, 48, 6490 Aruba Rd., Claxton, charged with theft by taking.

Dec 11 – Antonio Robertson, 36, 1501 Floyd Cir., Statesboro, being held for another dept.

Dec 12 – Dean C. Degener, 22, 35 Ruby Lane, Claxton, charged with three counts of deposit account fraud.

Arnelius Deonetz Hodges, 22, 312 Magnolia St. Claxton, charged with possession of marijuana.

Bryant Lamont Haga, 26, 304 MLK Jr. Dr., Claxton charged with possession of marijuana.

Chevzs Omar Javase Brown, 24, POB 114 Haga, charged with possession of marijuana, window glazing violation, DUI of drugs, speeding and susp/revoked license.

Lavonta Mariell Tillman, 26, 109 Lucas St., Reidsville, charged with possession of Marijuana.

Dec 13 – Cheryl Lynn Martin, 50, 238 Buford Ave., Orange City, FL, charged with theft by taking.

Edward Bennett Martin, 45, 238 Buford Ave., Orange City, FL., charged with theft by taking.

Dec 14 – Christina Adkinson, 26, 182 Harvey Rd., Bloomingdale, charged with possession of drug related objects.