• Oct 23 – A caller on Hwy 129 N reported hearing someone messing with their door knob for the past two nights.
  • A caller on Why 280 reported that her daughter saw the outline of someone standing at the back door.
  • Oct 24 – A caller in Canoochee Property reported that someone struck her multiple times in the head and once in the face, while accidentally hitting her small son in the head. He threw her phone in the yard and refused to let her leave.  He said he would hit her where there would be no marks and she could go to the police. He said he would just pay them $200 and wouldn’t go to jail. The female went to the hospital to have herself and the child checked out.
  • A caller on Circle Dr. reported that her 11 year old son went to bed at 9:30. When they went to wake the kids up for school, the window to the bedroom was up and he was gone with his bookbag. They called back and had found him, but he would not tell them where he had been.
  • Oct 25 – A caller on Hwy 301 N reported that her boyfriend put her bedroom set in the ditch by the trailer where she used to live with him.  He advised he would put a cover on it.
  • Oct 26 – A caller on Carson Sands Rd reported someone hunting without a license and without permission.
  • A caller on Cedar Creek Rd reported that his daughter borrowed his truck last night around 8 PM and said she would be back in a couple of hours. Her cell phone has been turned off and he has not heard from her.


  • Oct 21 – Wendell Tyrone Foxworth, 36, POB 12 Pembroke, charged with suspended/revoked license.
  • James Anthony Hagan, 44, 1977 Old Savh Why, Claxton, charged with probation violation.
  • William Eric Wilz, 25, 1616 Riverside Dr. Claxton, charged with speeding and possession of marijuana.
  • Oct 24 – Nicole Margeret Hinojosa, 42, 12246 Hwy, 301 N. Claxton, charged with obstruction of officers.
  • Shane Daniel Turner, 36 8897 Sunbury Rd. Claxton, charged with open container violation, DUI of alchohol and susp/revoked license (second offense).
  • Oct 25 – Franciso Rodriquez, 44, 102 S River St. Claxton charged with failure to maintain lane, driving without license and DUI of alcohol.
  • Oct 26 – Russell David Long, 34, 102 New Dr. Claxton, charged with susp/revoked license.