Reports / Calls

Dec 29 – A caller reported that his truck was stolen by his son and the son may be DUI.

Dec 30 – A caller reported that a black man ran from his horse barn. He was the same subject with a white male, coming out of the woods, then walk down the road where they were picked up.

A caller stated that she was dropped off in Claxton and she had no idea where she was. She requested and officer come to talk to her. She was transported to PoJos in Bulloch County and got a ride from there.

Dec 31 – A caller asked for a deputy to go with him to a residence to get his dog back. The subject stated that she did not have the dog.

Jan 1 – A female caller reported that her husband threw her out of the car and she wants a ride to Hinesville. The female stated after arriving at the sheriff’s office that she was going to walk back to Hinesville.

Jan 2 – A caller stated that her daughter lives on her property with her permission and does not pay rent. All of the utilities are in the caller’s name. When she went to the residence, she found the house in a mess, with dog feces all over the floor. The light bill had not been paid for two months. She wants to have her daughter evicted.

A caller stated that just around midnight on Dec 31, a man screamed at her, scratched her and choked her until she passed out. The male had been living with her at the Budget Inn and she wants him to leave. She stated the her five year old son was asleep in the room when the incident occurred.

Jan 3 – Caller reported that a home-made bomb just went off and shook her house. She said this has been going on for years and she is getting tired of it.

Jan 4 – Caller stated that a man called several times during the night and was threatening to kill him.

A father reported that a man was talking to his 12 year old daughter on Facebook inappropriately.


Jan 1 – Lacey Hills, Jr., 50, 906 Church St. charged with DUI of drugs and stop sign violation.

Rosalind Dufrane, 60, 11825 Why. 280 E Claxton charged with obstruction of officers, public drunk and disorderly conduct.

Jan 2 – Colter Evans Hattaway, 29, 2452 NeSmith Proctor Rd, Brooklet, charged with loud music from vehicle and suspended/rev license.

Samantha Lynn Hopkins, 26, 445 Laura Dr., Monroe, being held for another department.

Marshall Hunt, Jr., 26, 180 Pecan Place, Lyons, charged with driving with suspended registration. He was arrested by GSP for DUI and driving too fast for conditions.

Jan 3 – Mark Anthony Kirkland, 43, 1008 Grand St., Vidalia, charged with susp/rev/license, open container violation, DUI of alcohol and following too close.

Tiara Fontae Ferguson, 26, 5093 Hwy. 280 W., Hagan charged with DUI of drugs, DUI by refusal, suspended/revoked license, failure to maintain lane and open container violation.

Dantrell Shevon Butler, 23, DeLoach Mill Rd, Lot 18 Hagan, charged with possession of marijuana with intent, Tramadol Sch IV and obstruction of officers.