Incidents Calls

December 1 – A caller reported that he saw three flashlights at the ball park and thought he heard a noise that sounded like a drill. No other lights were on at the park. Officers reported it was a crew working on building a shelter.

A caller reported someone was inside a vacant trailer on Riverside Dr.

Dec 3 – A white male and female were having a verbal altercation outside in the parking lot at Smitty’s Lounge

Dec 5 – A resident of Parker Springs Rd reported that while she was out of town, someone came into her home and opened canned goods and left food all over the place. Her light bill was high as if someone was staying there. There was a copy of a birth certificate left on the table.

Someone reported that his homemade stainless steel grill was missing from his property on Brewton Rd.

Dec 6 – A resident of Firetower Rd reported that the neighbor children continually play in his yard. He has asked their parents several times to keep their children out of his yard. He has also spoken with the landlord about the problem. They continue to come into his yard.

A resident of Tennis Court Rd. reported someone picking up pecans on his posted property.

A caller stated that he hit a cow on Sunbury Rd. this morning around 4 AM. There was damage to the hood, windshield, drivers side rearview mirror, drivers side rear door, front fender, and a broken headlight.


Dec 1 – Wesley Wayne Haire, 32, 920 AD Eason Rd, Claxton, charged with theft by mislaid items.

Dec 2 – Tori Burkett, 28, 307B N. Broad St. Claxton, charged with speeding, driving without a license and giving false information to officers.

Dec 3 – Bryan Keith Carr, 43, 9640 Hwy. 169, Claxton, charged with parole violation.

Dec 7 – Joseph D. Pruitt, 33, 3497 Tellie Akins Rd., Claxton Charged with suspended/revoked license.

Ramos Tapia Juan, 27, 67 Blockers Trailer Park, Hagan, charged with driving without a license, failure to maintain lane, and giving false information to officers.

Jerald Thalathia Youmans, 39, 905 Dogwood Ave., Claxton, charged with DUI by refusal, hit and run/leaving scene of an accident, and failure to maintain lane.