Evans County Sheriff's Office Prolific MeetingThe Evans County Sheriff’s Office is committed to serving the public through effective and investigative efforts that create a safe community for all Evans Countians.  Much of the services of the Sheriff’s office are unknown to the public.  We are not just “county police” that respond to crimes, domestic issues or needs, but we are also the service arm to the courts providing enforcement of warrants and papers.

The Sheriff’s Office is also dedicated to the social sphere of our community including watch-care for the home-bound and patrol based protection county-wide.  These services keep an “eye” on the citizens and their property as well as giving a presence as needed as a deterrent to possible crimes.

Evans County Sheriff’s Office is on mission to serve and protect our citizens with competent and professional law enforcement operations.  We operate in all matters with objective insight into all issues clothed in a spirit of fairness to all involved.  This means that we look at the facts, the thoughts and the details instead of making up our minds before hand.  Our mandate is to fulfill all the responsibilities of the office of the Sheriff to the best of our abilities with honor, integrity, service and trust.

Contact us today for more information about what the Sheriff’s office can do for you.  Sheriff Randall Tippins and his professional staff are ready to serve you.

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