• Feb 16 – It was reported that a black male with a white cap was in the road flagging people down on Jennie Station. The subject was taken to relatives.
  • Feb 17 – A resident of Ruffin Rd reported damage to her mailbox.
  • A caller on Why 280 W reported goats in the yard. They are afraid the goats are to run out in the roadway.
  • A caller on Church/Boggs street reported that a black male snatched her money from her hand and ran into the woods.
  • Feb 18 – A caller on BE Smith Rd reported her wedding ring and class ring missing.
  • A caller reported a child left in the car in a carseat while the mother was shopping at Family Dollar. Negative contact was made with the subject.
  • A caller on Firetower Rd. reported that her brother stole her jewelry and gave it to a girl. The girl was on Facebook saying she had the items, but will not return them.
  • Someone reported a possible DUI subject all over the road on S Perkins Mill Rd. The subject hit a house and kept driving.
  • Feb 19 – A caller on Carters Bridge Rd reported that a male and two females were at this residence fighting and he needed a deputy.
  • Resident of New Drive reported that he lost his brown wallet, license and $300 cash.
  • A caller on Old Savannah Hwy stated that he and his wife had allowed a woman to spend the night on their couch and she took $120 from this wife’s purse and went to the neighbor’s house.
  • It was reported that an individual was considered fro employment at Bethany Hospice. Due to unacceptable background screening she was not eligible for completion of the orientation that is required. She was issued a pulse box, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, box of medical supplies and a nursing bag. She has ben asked several times to return the supplies and she refuses. The individual has threatened an employee at the business and sent threatening texts.
  • A caller on Red Mill Rd reported that someone’s dogs killed her dog in her yard.
  • Feb 21- A caller on Why 301 S reported an intoxicated female on his front porch and he things she is bogged down.


  • Jan 23 – Devin Jase Dyess, 4665 Hwy 280 West, Hagan, 30 years old, arrested for expired tag, possession of drug related objects and possession of marijuana. (late posing due to ongoing investigation)
  • Feb 17 – Johnnie Lee Brown, 34, 210 Lakeview Dr. Baxley, charged with cruelty to animals, possession of marijuana, possession of drug related objects, two counts of possession of firearm by convicted felon and possession of cocaine.
  • Feb 18 – Dustin Allen Macaulay, 25, 6482 Aruba Rd., Claxton, charged with giving false information to officers, expired license.
  • Feb 19 – Ricky Dukes, 33, 9392 Hwy 144 Glennville, charged with DUI Alcohol, failure to maintain lane, open container violation and violation of limited permit.
  • Michael Chambers, 30 1245 Cater’s Bridge Rd., Claxton, charge with simple battery fight and criminal trespass.
  • Julio Moralse-Silva, 32, 1113 Hillside Rd., Claxton charged with no insurance, speeding and driving without license.
  • Chavez Brown, 24, 9702 Why 169, Bellvile, charged with possession of marijuana, window glazing violation, DUI drugs, speeding and sus/rev license.
  • Feb 20 – Taneisha Griggs, 30, 121 Ponderosa Rd. Hagan, charged with obstruction of officers and disorderly conduct.
  • Feb 21 – Keri Dee Dollar, 37, 117 Croley Rd., Brainbrdige, charged with DUI alcholo.
  • Jan 5 – A resident of Old Savh Hwy reported a burglary at their residence.
  • Jan 6 – A caller reported that she is being threatened. She stated that the subject has tried to hit her with her car, drove by her job and yelled obscenities and is stalking her Facebook page.
  • Jan 9 – A caller an Old Hwy 250 reported that someone was harassing her.
  • A caller on LJ Rd reported a loud explosion coming from the area where he lives. He was advised that subjects were blowing up a beaver dam.
  • A resident of Turnpike Rd. reported that when she returned home from the grocery store, kids were in her house fighting her children holes in her wall.
  • A resident of Aruba Rd reported that two children beat up her child while he was riding his bike.
  • Jan 11 – It was reported that EMS saw what appears to be an accident but no one is around. Blood was found around the scene. Tried to locate the subject that the vehicle was registered to but no one was found.
  • A caller on Magnolia St. needs a deputy to come and talk with her child. he keeps running away and talking back.
  • Jan 12 – A resident of Lightsey Dr. thought that someone was walking around her house. No one was found.
  • A caller on Bowen Rd stated that he is receiving harassing calls from a restricted number. When he answers the phone no one says anything.
  • Caller on Campground rd stated that she had loaned her car to someone and it has been two months and they have not returned it.
  • It was reported that someone broke into St. Lukes Church and the TV that was on the wall is missing.
  • Jan 13 – A resident of Hwy 301 N stated that a man called her phone and stated that he was with the IRS. He told her a sheriff would be coming to arrest her at her residence.
  • It was reported that a husband hit his wife with a plate.
  • A caller reported that her sliver iphone was stolen. The phone has been turned off so she is unable to use the tracking service. She also reported that someone had tried to hack into her Verizon account online.
  • Jan 14 – A caller on Jennie Station Rd reported that someone was at his home causing trouble and they started to fight.
  • Jan 15 – A caller on Bill Hodges Rd. stated that when she drove up to her home, there was a female that appeared to be in her pajamas kneeling down next to the hedges around her house. There was a truck close to the residence that a male was in. The couple had been arguing and the female jumped out of the truck and was hiding.
  • Jan 16 – A caller reported that someone used his ssnumber to open a Dish Network account.
  • A caller reported that someone had taken the screens out of windows in his residence and gone inside.
  • A caller on Bowen Rd. was contacted by his employer and told that someone had filed a a fraudulent unemployment claim using his social security number.
  • An unknown person was reported in the yard of someone on Edgar Hodges Rd.
  • A caller on Old Savannah Why reportedly found car keys in their yard and when they mashed the alarm button, it was to a car in the woods.  There was a white male that they did not know and he almost hit them when he was getting away.
  • Jan 17 – A caller on Why 129 N reported loud music coming from a brick house down from her home. She could not hear her tv.
  • Jan 18 – A caller in Sutton Trailer Park reported a refrigerator and bicycle missing.
  • A caller reported that someone took the bumper to her car.
  • Jan 19 – A caller on Sims Brothers Road reported two dogs in a trap.
  • A caller on Rogers Bridge Rd stated that her husband would not let her leave the residence.
  • A caller on LJ Rd reported and unwanted person at his residence that refuses to leave.


  • Jan 7 – James Antoine Robinson, 33, 87 Warthen St. Vidalia, served with bench warrant
  • Jan 7 – Mary Christina Sapp, 33, Tellie Akins Rd. Claxton, being held for court.
  • Jan 10 – William Oscar Bunton, 50 17719 Hwy. 129 N Claxton charged with speeding and DUI of alcohol.
  • Jan 12 – Khiry Shalonte Williams, 25, 408 Rosemary St Claxton charged with burglary and aggravated assault.
  • Kenneth Jenkins, 24, 7014 Bonnes St. Austell, GA charged with loud music from vehicle and suspended/revoked license (second offense)
  • Jan 15 – patricia N. Jackson, 56 259 Sims Brothers Rd, Claxton charged with disorderly conduct.
  • Yaneeva Shane Brewton, 23, 718 Cedar Ave, Claxton charged with probation violation.
  • Jan 16 – Eric Lashay Porter, 30, 4387 Bill Hodges Rd, Claxton charged with a parole violation.
  • Jan 17 – Edith Gonzalez, 30, 126 Mallory Rd. Reidsville, charged with giving false information to officers, child restraint violation (under 4 years of age) and driving without a license.
  • Jan 18 – Antonio Rodriguez, 28 Cemetery St., Hagan charged with drinking in public and public drunk.

Reports / Calls

Dec 29 – A caller reported that his truck was stolen by his son and the son may be DUI.

Dec 30 – A caller reported that a black man ran from his horse barn. He was the same subject with a white male, coming out of the woods, then walk down the road where they were picked up.

A caller stated that she was dropped off in Claxton and she had no idea where she was. She requested and officer come to talk to her. She was transported to PoJos in Bulloch County and got a ride from there.

Dec 31 – A caller asked for a deputy to go with him to a residence to get his dog back. The subject stated that she did not have the dog.

Jan 1 – A female caller reported that her husband threw her out of the car and she wants a ride to Hinesville. The female stated after arriving at the sheriff’s office that she was going to walk back to Hinesville.

Jan 2 – A caller stated that her daughter lives on her property with her permission and does not pay rent. All of the utilities are in the caller’s name. When she went to the residence, she found the house in a mess, with dog feces all over the floor. The light bill had not been paid for two months. She wants to have her daughter evicted.

A caller stated that just around midnight on Dec 31, a man screamed at her, scratched her and choked her until she passed out. The male had been living with her at the Budget Inn and she wants him to leave. She stated the her five year old son was asleep in the room when the incident occurred.

Jan 3 – Caller reported that a home-made bomb just went off and shook her house. She said this has been going on for years and she is getting tired of it.

Jan 4 – Caller stated that a man called several times during the night and was threatening to kill him.

A father reported that a man was talking to his 12 year old daughter on Facebook inappropriately.


Jan 1 – Lacey Hills, Jr., 50, 906 Church St. charged with DUI of drugs and stop sign violation.

Rosalind Dufrane, 60, 11825 Why. 280 E Claxton charged with obstruction of officers, public drunk and disorderly conduct.

Jan 2 – Colter Evans Hattaway, 29, 2452 NeSmith Proctor Rd, Brooklet, charged with loud music from vehicle and suspended/rev license.

Samantha Lynn Hopkins, 26, 445 Laura Dr., Monroe, being held for another department.

Marshall Hunt, Jr., 26, 180 Pecan Place, Lyons, charged with driving with suspended registration. He was arrested by GSP for DUI and driving too fast for conditions.

Jan 3 – Mark Anthony Kirkland, 43, 1008 Grand St., Vidalia, charged with susp/rev/license, open container violation, DUI of alcohol and following too close.

Tiara Fontae Ferguson, 26, 5093 Hwy. 280 W., Hagan charged with DUI of drugs, DUI by refusal, suspended/revoked license, failure to maintain lane and open container violation.

Dantrell Shevon Butler, 23, DeLoach Mill Rd, Lot 18 Hagan, charged with possession of marijuana with intent, Tramadol Sch IV and obstruction of officers.

Calls – Reports

Dec 22 – A break in was reported at Canoochee Transport. A truck and some meat was taken. The truck was recovered.

Dec 23 – Pete Hagan and Perry Roads are reportedly closed due to a beaver busting the dam.

Dec 25 – A caller reported that a male subject has taken her phone and also took $500 earlier. She wants him off her property. He is drinking and she needs a deputy.

A caller reported that someone was riding by his house and taking pictures.

A caller reported that a black male was knocking on his door and telling him Merry Christmas. he didn’t want the subject at his house because he had broken in the other night.

A caller advised that his ex-wife had cut him and she had been drinking too much. She said she was going to get him locked up and she is the one that started it.

Dec 26 – A nurse at East GA RMC reported that a 2-year old boy was brought in by his mother for a bite to his left cheek, on his and face and the top of his head, superficial wounds by the family dog.

Dec 27 – A female caller stated that a male is a her residence, intoxicated. He has taken her phone and will not give it back.

A caller stated that a female was vandalizing a white SUV in someone’s yard.

Dec 28 – A caller stated that there was a man chasing a female. The male was in a red dodge pickup with a chrome toolbox and the female was on foot.


Dec 24 – Robert Warren Jone, 42, 851 CC Jones Rd. Odom charged with theft by taking.

Dec 28 – Brian Gerard Jones, 28, 10 S Ralph St. Claxton, charged with DUI of Alcohol and speeding.

Zaqueo Lopez Ramirez, 23, 1 W Smith St. Claxton, charged with driving w/out a license.

Dravis Javon McFadden, 25, 18586 Why, 280 E. Claxton, charged with susp/revoked license and seat belt violation (0ver 18)


December 15 – A tenant at the Claxton Inn left and took eight pillows, four bed sets, two blankets and five towels.

A caller on Sunbury Rd reported that his black and grey Ruger .380 was last seen in the console of his vehicle.

Dec 16 – A caller Edgar Hodges Rd. Reported that a 14-year old put a ladder beside his house and climbed into his step daughter’s bedroom. The incident happened around 2 AM on Dec 6.

Dec 17 – A resident of Parker Spring Rd reported that someone stole her false teeth out of her residence and used her bathroom while they were there.

Dec 19 – A caller on Tupelo Dr. reported that someone was beating at her door and she had no idea who it was.

A caller on Perkins Mill Rd. reported that when she came home, her back door was open.

Dec 20 – A caller on Elizabeth St. reported that someone had broken into their house.

A caller reported that his ex wife and his ex-father-in-law are sending him threatening texts and voicemails. The ex-wife is sharing personal photos that were taken while they were married. They are wanting money from him or they will distribute the photos.

Dec 22 – A caller on Ponderosa Rd reported that someone kept coming to her home knocking on the door.


Dec 15 – Joseph Pruit, 33, 45 Corner Dr., Claxton charged with probation violation.

Dec 16 – Leon Hayes, 38, 301 Cemetery Rd, Hagan, charged with possession of cocaine with intent and parole violation.

Dec 18 – Xavier Dewayne Mikell, 26, 336 Magnolia St. Claxton, charged with cocaine trafficking of illegal narcotics, possession of marijuana, seat belt violation (0ver 18), and obstruction of officers.

Alexander Larue Crawford, 27, 431 Ponderosa Rd., Claxton, charged with parole violation.

Dec 19 – Clinton Matthew Denton, 32, 156 Brewton Collins Rd., Claxton, charged with theft by taking and probation violation.

Incidents and Calls

Dec 8 – A complainant on Firetower Rd reported that a subject stole $140 and $2,000 worth of tools from his home.

A caller on Bowen Rd/Tellie Akins Rd reported that two guys and two females were standing on the side of the road trying to flag people down. They were advised that if they were caught on the roadway again that they would be arrested.

Dec 9 – A caller on Lightsey Drive reported that someone has taken her and her mother’s xanex from inside their residence.

A caller on Mitchell Lane reported that he had hit a horse with his vehicle.

Dec 10 – A caller on Littles St reported that someone was calling his phone, coming to his house and looking in the windows. They wanted him to endorse and insurance check and he stated he would not sign the check.

Dec 11 – A caller on Cemetery Rd. reported that her son is drunk and she wants him out of her house.

A caller on Lindsey Dr. reported that his father-in-law is texting threatening messages.

Dec 12 – A caller on John Todd Rd, reported that her daughter and her daughter’s friend were on her land and she wants them to leave.

Dec 13 – A caller on Tattnall Street reported that someone individuals stole her necklace and earrings out of her residence. The subjects had borrowed her car about 30 mins prior and asked to go to the bank.

Dec 14 – A caller on Sugar Baby Farm Rd reported someone jumped on her and choked her.


Dec 10 – Bernard Shuman, 48, 6490 Aruba Rd., Claxton, charged with theft by taking.

Dec 11 – Antonio Robertson, 36, 1501 Floyd Cir., Statesboro, being held for another dept.

Dec 12 – Dean C. Degener, 22, 35 Ruby Lane, Claxton, charged with three counts of deposit account fraud.

Arnelius Deonetz Hodges, 22, 312 Magnolia St. Claxton, charged with possession of marijuana.

Bryant Lamont Haga, 26, 304 MLK Jr. Dr., Claxton charged with possession of marijuana.

Chevzs Omar Javase Brown, 24, POB 114 Haga, charged with possession of marijuana, window glazing violation, DUI of drugs, speeding and susp/revoked license.

Lavonta Mariell Tillman, 26, 109 Lucas St., Reidsville, charged with possession of Marijuana.

Dec 13 – Cheryl Lynn Martin, 50, 238 Buford Ave., Orange City, FL, charged with theft by taking.

Edward Bennett Martin, 45, 238 Buford Ave., Orange City, FL., charged with theft by taking.

Dec 14 – Christina Adkinson, 26, 182 Harvey Rd., Bloomingdale, charged with possession of drug related objects.

Incidents Calls

December 1 – A caller reported that he saw three flashlights at the ball park and thought he heard a noise that sounded like a drill. No other lights were on at the park. Officers reported it was a crew working on building a shelter.

A caller reported someone was inside a vacant trailer on Riverside Dr.

Dec 3 – A white male and female were having a verbal altercation outside in the parking lot at Smitty’s Lounge

Dec 5 – A resident of Parker Springs Rd reported that while she was out of town, someone came into her home and opened canned goods and left food all over the place. Her light bill was high as if someone was staying there. There was a copy of a birth certificate left on the table.

Someone reported that his homemade stainless steel grill was missing from his property on Brewton Rd.

Dec 6 – A resident of Firetower Rd reported that the neighbor children continually play in his yard. He has asked their parents several times to keep their children out of his yard. He has also spoken with the landlord about the problem. They continue to come into his yard.

A resident of Tennis Court Rd. reported someone picking up pecans on his posted property.

A caller stated that he hit a cow on Sunbury Rd. this morning around 4 AM. There was damage to the hood, windshield, drivers side rearview mirror, drivers side rear door, front fender, and a broken headlight.


Dec 1 – Wesley Wayne Haire, 32, 920 AD Eason Rd, Claxton, charged with theft by mislaid items.

Dec 2 – Tori Burkett, 28, 307B N. Broad St. Claxton, charged with speeding, driving without a license and giving false information to officers.

Dec 3 – Bryan Keith Carr, 43, 9640 Hwy. 169, Claxton, charged with parole violation.

Dec 7 – Joseph D. Pruitt, 33, 3497 Tellie Akins Rd., Claxton Charged with suspended/revoked license.

Ramos Tapia Juan, 27, 67 Blockers Trailer Park, Hagan, charged with driving without a license, failure to maintain lane, and giving false information to officers.

Jerald Thalathia Youmans, 39, 905 Dogwood Ave., Claxton, charged with DUI by refusal, hit and run/leaving scene of an accident, and failure to maintain lane.

  • Nov 24 – A caller reported a suspicious budget truck stopping at several houses. Officers advised that is was a FedEx worker who was driving the truck making deliveries.
  • A caller on Old Savannah Hwy reported that someone broke into his trailer and took his wife’s ring and $150 in cash.
  • Nov 26 – A caller reported that night hunting was going on every night on Todd Kicklighter Rd.
  • A caller reported hearing a child screaming in the woods. Officers checked the woods and reported that it was a fox, not a child.
  • Nov 27 – A caller reported that her 14- year old son was hitting everyone and stating that if he had a gun, he would kill somebody. They were holding him down until the deputy arrived. Juvenile was 6’4″ and 240 lbs. he is going to stay with his grandmother for the night.
  • Nov 30 – A caller on Sims Brothers Rd reported that her neighbor’s dog attacked her pony.


  • Nov 26 – Rigoberto Baxcajay, 23, 268 Thunder Rd., Claxton, charged with driving without a license.
  • Tony Weston McCray, 39, POB 759, Claxton, charged with open container violation and DUI of alcohol.
  • Nov 28 – Jaime Solis-Nava, 40, 6606 St. John Lane, Claxton, charged with driving under the influence, refusal, driving without a license, and improper stop in roadway.

Sheriff’s Office Calls and Reports

  • Nov 17 – A caller on WE Callaway Rd. stated that her neighbor’s dog comes over to her house and runs and barks at dogs she keeps in kennels.  She stated that she did not mind the dog coming to her house, but she tries to keep the dog out of the road to prevent him from being run over.  When she walked to the neighbors house to tell them about the dog, they started throwing objects at the dog, yelling and cursing. They told their child to go inside the house and get the gun and shoot the dog.
  • Nov 19 – A caller on hwy 169 N reported that her utility trailer had been taken from her residence.
  • Nov 21 – A caller on hwy 169 reported that she had been harassed for three months.  She was receiving texts and calls on her cell phone. She blockec the number and changed her phone number three times.  The individual has also been to her place of employment and has sent other people into her work place to threaten her. She has since quit her job.
  • Nov 22 – A caller on Hendrix Bridge Rd. reported that a dog was on his carport and would not let him come out of his house.


  • Nov 17 – Marlin Elearas Mikell, 25, 607 N Duval St., Apt 6, Claxton, being held for DOC.
  • William Lee Kearney, 44, 131 DeLoach Mill Rd., Claxton, charged with two counts of burglary.
  • Nov 18 – Johnny Shad Griffin, 39, 240 Hillside Dr., Lot #240, Claxton, charged with probation violation.
  • Curtis Clyde Skinner, 29, 176 Rogers Bridge Rd., Claxton, charged with child support violation.
  • James Kendall Kight, 48, 879 John W. Tippins Rd., Claxton, charged with child support  violation.
  • Nov 19 – Cynthia Hewitt, 3, 910 Turnpike Rd., Lot 9, Hagan, charged with simple battery, (fight.)
  • Nov 20 – Newton Maurice Vann, 43, 301 N. Claxton Inn 213, Claxton, charged with parole violation.
  • Nov 22 – Tomorra Tashen Hawk, 36, Northside Inn, Claxton charged with simple battery (fight).


  • Nov 3 – A child’s red 4 wheeler was reported missing from a porch on Brewton St.
  • A caller on Bowen Rd reported that he witnessed his neighbor throw two pit bulls together to fight.
  • A caller at DeLoach Mobile Home Park stated that one of the tenants was drunk and threatening him with bodily harm.
  • Nov 4 – A caller on Hwy 301 S reported that someone took car rims from under her carport.
  • Nov 6 – A caller in Tradewinds Way reported that her neighbor, who is a convicted felon, is shooting stray dogs and dragging them behind her house.
  • A caller on DeLoach Mill Rd reported that she went to her ex-boyfriend’s residence to get her belongings and he pulled a gun on her.
  • Nov 7 – A caller on Why 280 W reported that someone was looking in her window. The suspect was wearing black cholthing and a hoody.
  • Nov 8 – A caller on Tellie Akins Rd reported that he was hit in the mouth outside his girlfriend’s parent’s home and his tooth had pieces falling off of it.
  • Nov 9 – A caller on Why 129 N reported that his mom stole his money from him and put him out, but would not give him his clothes.


  • Nov 3 – Charles Henry Smith, 72, Lovette Trailer Park, Claxton, charged with disorderly conduct.
  • Nov 4 – Steven Slusher, 55, 125 Croft Rd., Claxton, charged with open container and DUI of alcohol.
  • Markall Redell Battle, 28, 72 Moody Lane, Claxton, charged with seat belt violation (0ver 18), obstruction of officers, DUI of alcohol, and DUI child endangerment.
  • Shanell Nicole Green, 26, 53 Corey Dr., Claxton, charged with DUI – refusal, driving without a license on person, and set belt violation (Under 18).
  • John Andrew Palmer, 47, 910 Turnpike Rd., Lot 14, Hagan charged with disorderly conduct and exploitation/intimidation of a disabled/elder adult.
  • Nov 6 – Lourie S. Mobley, 24, 11701 Hwy 129, Claxton, charged with obstruction of officers and probation violation.
  • Bennie Mills, 27, 207 Claxton Inn, Claxton, being held for another department.
  • Nov 7 – JaJa Williams, 22, 304 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Claxton, charged with parole violation.
  • Williams James Griner, 42, 1365 Mittie Strickland Rd., Claxton, being held for DOC.
  • Nov 8 – Tony Christopher Brown, 52, 305 Oak St., Claxton, charged with expired tag, DUI of alcohol, driving without a license, and possession of drug related objects.
  • Steven Ray Bradshaw, 23, Why 280, Hagan, charged with driving without a license.

Incidents & Reports

  • Oct 28 – A caller stated that someone stole his company’s backpack blower from the back of his work truck.  The truck was parked at the Claxton Inn.
  • A caller on Hwy 129 N reported that a woman pulled in her yard advising that a snake was in her car.
  • Oct 29 – A caller on Hillside Lane reported that her ex-husband was calling her phone and telling her that people were watching her everywhere she went.
  • A caller on Windmere reported that the aunt they had left their child with for a month will not return the child.


  • Oct 27 – Roberto Omar Martinez, 47, 11831 Hwy 301 N Claxton, charged with driving without a license, defective equipment, and giving false information to officers.
  • Oct 28 – Jason Ellerbe, 27, 1432 Edgar Hodges Rd., Claxton, charged with obstruction of officers, possession of cocaine, and probation violation.
  • Oct 30 – Devon Stanley, 35, 802 Broad St. Claxton, charged with counts of probation violation.
  • Oct 31 – John Andrew Palmer, 47, 910 N. Turnpike, Lot 14, Hagan, charged with simple battery (fight).
  • Nov 1 – Charles Tuck Woodcock, 32, 650 Eli Kennedy Rd., Collins charged with unlawful possession of a firearm/weapon, and two counts of misdemeanor traffic citations.


  • Oct 23 – A caller on Hwy 129 N reported hearing someone messing with their door knob for the past two nights.
  • A caller on Why 280 reported that her daughter saw the outline of someone standing at the back door.
  • Oct 24 – A caller in Canoochee Property reported that someone struck her multiple times in the head and once in the face, while accidentally hitting her small son in the head. He threw her phone in the yard and refused to let her leave.  He said he would hit her where there would be no marks and she could go to the police. He said he would just pay them $200 and wouldn’t go to jail. The female went to the hospital to have herself and the child checked out.
  • A caller on Circle Dr. reported that her 11 year old son went to bed at 9:30. When they went to wake the kids up for school, the window to the bedroom was up and he was gone with his bookbag. They called back and had found him, but he would not tell them where he had been.
  • Oct 25 – A caller on Hwy 301 N reported that her boyfriend put her bedroom set in the ditch by the trailer where she used to live with him.  He advised he would put a cover on it.
  • Oct 26 – A caller on Carson Sands Rd reported someone hunting without a license and without permission.
  • A caller on Cedar Creek Rd reported that his daughter borrowed his truck last night around 8 PM and said she would be back in a couple of hours. Her cell phone has been turned off and he has not heard from her.


  • Oct 21 – Wendell Tyrone Foxworth, 36, POB 12 Pembroke, charged with suspended/revoked license.
  • James Anthony Hagan, 44, 1977 Old Savh Why, Claxton, charged with probation violation.
  • William Eric Wilz, 25, 1616 Riverside Dr. Claxton, charged with speeding and possession of marijuana.
  • Oct 24 – Nicole Margeret Hinojosa, 42, 12246 Hwy, 301 N. Claxton, charged with obstruction of officers.
  • Shane Daniel Turner, 36 8897 Sunbury Rd. Claxton, charged with open container violation, DUI of alchohol and susp/revoked license (second offense).
  • Oct 25 – Franciso Rodriquez, 44, 102 S River St. Claxton charged with failure to maintain lane, driving without license and DUI of alcohol.
  • Oct 26 – Russell David Long, 34, 102 New Dr. Claxton, charged with susp/revoked license.